Friday, July 29, 2016

Buy Chipoltle (CMG), Sell Oil Services (IEZ)

I bought shares of Chipoltle today because;
- Revenue has reversed trend. This type of inflexion points usually leads to strong gains.
- My family and I eat at Chipoltle more often and we feel that awareness and programs being implemented make it less likely to get food poisoning at Chipoltle than other restaurants.
- Stock still trading well below high of $750 about nine months ago.
- Founder still running Chipoltle and appears committed to fixing the issue.
Price: $426.65
Trade/Portfolio: 1.05%
Position/Portfolio: 7.10%

I sold IEZ because;
- Long term trend in oil seems uninspiring as electric cars and solar continue to nibble away at potential market
Price: $36.74
Trade/Portfolio: 0.55%
Position/Portfolio: Closed position