Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Buy Freelancer (FLN:AU)

I bought Freelancer today for the following reasons;
- Nasdaq down ~10% over last month dragging down lots of tech companies.
- Smaller, lesser known firms disproportionally whacked by downdraft.
- Freelancers to grow to 50% of US labor force by 2020.
- appears to have better platform & business strategy than Upwork, although I have not tried the new Upwork platform yet.
- Freelancer's CEO Matt Barrie is an A-list entrepreneur with Computer Science background although he does appear a bit too pre-occupied with Sydney night life :)
Price $1.59 AUD
Trade/Portfolio: 1.13%
Position/Portfolio: 5.80%

Friday, January 22, 2016

Buy Lending Club (LC)

I bought more Lending Club (LC) today for the following reasons;
- San Bernadino shooter borrowed money from Prosper, regulators interested which makes for great press but doesn't have real impact on long term viability of sector. As Laplanche said, shooter could have borrowed money from any bank. So good buy opportunity.
- Laplanche quoted in Inc saying LC didn't go public for a year but for the long term.
- Lending Club's growth rate of 104% makes it faster growing, $1B+ startup according to Laplanche.
- Lending Academy cites Lending Club and Proper as two main player but Lending Club much  bigger.
- Lending Club became profitable last quartner.
- Lending Club market cap down to $3.14B compared to JPMorgan at $204B.
Price $8.49
Trade/Portfolio: 1.06%
Position/Portfolio: 5.32%

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Buy Google (GOOG), Buy Solar City (SCTY)

I bought Google for the following reasons;
- Nasdaq down ~12% in last week due to anxiety over China sell-off and Oil at $27. However, US and European economies still strong and low oil prices are a positive for other parts of the economy.
- Apple exited Ads business this week, reducing competition for Google.
- Googles new Alphabet company structure should unleash value creation.
Price $689.53
Trade/Portfolio: 1.50%
Position/Portfolio: 4.73%

I bought Solar City for for the following reasons;
- Stock down from $57 to $30 in last 30 days due to exceptional events creating buy opportunity;
- Nevada reverses incentives for residential solar.
- Oil down to $27 a barrel because Iran sanctions lifted yesterday.
- Nasdaq down 12% for the week.
- Solar City and other solar companies announce they are leaving the state, some are saying a new deal may be in the works.
Price $30.35
Trade/Portfolio: 1.02%
Position/Portfolio: 6.67%