Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Buy FB, Buy LC, Buy IFN, Sell ITB

Buy Facebook $75
+ Dominant player, "7 footer" in Buffet speak
+ Zucherberg has long term perspective
+/- Teens leaving (93% -> 88%) Facebook are going to Instagram (+25%), because...
+ More parents spending time on Facebook
+ If Facebook does search for products right it will be a huge revenue stream

Buy Lending Club $21
+ Down 30% in 1 month without any bad news
+ Appears to be forming a low
+ Awesome prospects for disrupting the incredibly profitable banking sector

Buy India Fund $28
+ India now the world's fastest growing economy, surpassing China
+ Early innings of a long bull run
+ Indians voting for financial reform, Modi delivering

Sell ITB
+ Housing run in the late innings
+ Unemployment already low 5.7% so waning potential for improvement
+ Rates are low but probably will move up in mid-2015