Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Buy Freelancer (FLN:AU)

I opened a position on Freelancer (FLN), an company listed on the Australian Security Exchange for the following reasons;
- After 10 years hiring subcontractors online, I made my first hire on Freelancer this month.
- The site has an elegant design, good feature set impressive stats; 16m+ registered users, 8m+ projects. In comparison, other leading sites feel dated and cumbersome to use.
 - I attended a presentation of Freelancer recently and employees mentioned founder Matt Barrie is a techie who is investing heavily in development and growth hacking, not advertising.
 - An hour of research on Matt Barrie confirms strong tech background (Stanford), previous startup success, sharp intellect (blog).
- Matt Barrie recently announced first sale of stock, more than 18 months after IPO.
- Company still run by founder. 10-baggers come from 1st generation companies.
- Recent contract with NASA which should help convince more corporations to user Freelancer.
- Recent Forbes article says 50% of US workers will be Freelancers by 2020.

Price: $1.24 AUD / $0.88 USD
Trade/Portfolio: 2.20%

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Buy Google (GOOG)

I bought Google stock today for following reasons;
+ Google is recruiting people using search engine, very cool.
+ Apple momentum is slowing, creating opportunity for Android.
+ Fi could be a big business.
+ Alphabet restructuring makes sense to liberate value of Calico and other divisions are not related to search.
+ Recent correction creates buying opportunity.
- Google is still very vulnerable on search. If Facebook or Apple make aggressive moves on search, Google will see revenues suffer in the short term.

Price: $606
Position: 2.31% of portfolio