Friday, April 15, 2016

Sell India Fund IFN

Sold IFN today for following reasons;
- Cover tax payments due to fact that I've been buying heaps on recent weakness 🤑
- India is projected to surpass China in population in 2023, as we get to within 2 years of that date a bunch of yahoos will buy in driving price higher than the fundamentals merit.
- Lots of other good reasons to stick in India, hard working people, open to outside world, Modi...
Price: $23.15
Trade/Portfolio: 2.19%
Position/Portfolio: 4.57%

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Buy Tesla (TSLA)

I bought more stock in Tesla for following reasons;

Tesla Model 3: This Is What A 'Game Changer' Looks Like, Forbes, 5-apr-2016
- Orders; 198k in 24hrs, 276k in 48hrs, 325k Thursday (1 week?) $35k price
- Top selling car in 2015, Toyota Camry, 361k units, $21-$28k price
- Mercedes S-Class sales 2015, 86k units, $35-$35k price
- Model S sold 50k units in 2015, 75% growth, at an average price of $70-$80k
- Mercedes E-Class autos, 50k units, in much lower $50k range.
- Mercedes S-Class, 22k units, ~$90k price

Wired Feb16
- Chevy Volt has sold 80k volts from dec10 to dec15.
- Bob Lutz, CEO of GM at time Volt project was launched is on record as having said "global warming is a croc of shit"
- In the late 90s, GM leased EV1s while lobbying California to drop requirement
- GM announces new Volt with 200 mile range costing $35k will roll off assembly line dec16.

Market cap of $35B is still reasonable when compared to Toyota $158B.

Recent announcement of quarterly unit miss is dampening stock.

During Model 3 announcement, Musk said Tesla will be doubling SuperCharger stations by end of 2017. That plus Gigafactory creates barriers to entry.

Price: $255.89
Trade/Portfolio: 2.47%
Position/Portfolio: 15.81%